Tie Backs and Micro Piles

Point Pacific Drilling has install hundreds of grouted tie backs for retaining walls, slope stabilizations, foundations and anchorages in demanding and inaccessible locations in all sorts of soil conditions. We provide complete grouted tie back installation using our in house drilling and grouting equipment. We have successfully installed tiebacks that have been tested to over 200,000 lbs of pull in basement areas with less than 6’ of head room.

Tiebacks are used extensively in new and reto fit retaining walls. Our portable drilling equipment allows us to drilling in small back yard locations and on scaffolding in areas that are not accessible by any other means. Tiebacks can reduce or eliminate costly footings that would normally be required if a tieback system could not be installed. Old retaining walls can be saved or upgraded using tiebacks to secure high load areas of the wall that other wise might fail.

Using Dywdag brand tiebacks we can provide any length and yield strengths that are call out for the project. Working closely with structural and soils engineers we can design the tiebacks to meet the project criteria while finding the most cost effective solution to the projects requirements.

Micro piles utilize the same type of technology as dose grouted tiebacks. Their small diameter and high load carrying capacity allows them to be used where other systems would fail. Used extensively for new moment frame and seismic upgrading, Micro piles are a cost effective way to transfer building loads to the ground. Micro piles are also used where drilling large diameter concrete piers is impracticable or imposable. High capacity piers can be installed in low head room areas where providing steel reinforcing cages would be impracticable. Micro piles can be drilled to depths of 100’ with only 8’ of head room. Micro piles can be grouped together to produce even higher load carrying capacities.

Micro piles can solve project dilemmas that other systems simply can not.

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