Concrete Piers

Cast in place concrete piers are the most widely used type of deep foundation used in America. From new building construction, retaining walls to foundation stabilization they are the choice of most engineers. They are used in all soil and site conditions. Able to withstand high lateral and up lift loads they are best suited for sites that have expansive soils or lateral loads like hillsides and ancient slide zones. In most of these cases cast in place concrete piles are the most cost affective solution to these challenging site conditions.

Concrete piles can be used in new construction or existing building conditions. Drilling is a key component of these types of piers. Many challenges can be present when drilling into less that desirable soil types. We have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish any type of drilling required for placement of concrete piers. Our portable drilling equipment has the capability of drilling in extremely tight areas. We can drill up to a 30” diameter shaft with as little as 8’ of overhead clearance. We have successfully drilled shafts beyond 60’ in depth in areas with less than 9 square feet of room. Our crews have performed foundation stabilizations with 30” diameter 20’ deep piers inside of existing residences with no damage to the structure. We have the experience and technical know how to accomplish what other’s think is imposable. We work closely with structural engineers and soil engineers to meet their criteria while maintaining a cost effective and productive project.

From new construction, foundation stabilizations and foundation leveling operations our crews can perform what ever the project calls for. We offer a wide array of services and can perform the scope of work that you need. From pier drilling to full foundation completion, we have the knowledge and experience to complete the project “on time and on budget”!

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