Drilling Services

Point Pacific Drilling specializes in tight access drilling. Our portable drilling equipment can drill shafts in locations that others deem imposable. We have the capability to drill shafts from 4” to 30” in diameter and to depth exceeding 80’. Needing as little as 8” of head room and less than 9 square feet of actual drilling area we are able to drill in almost any location. Our drills are hydraulically powered using a remote hydraulic unit with only two1-1/2” rubber hoses running to the drill... This allows the drill to be operated in confined spaces with no fumes or dangerous gases contaminating the area. The noise level is kept to a minimum.

Our other drilling equipment allows us to complete new construction and specialized drilling that does not require our tight access equipment.

We can drill through any soil type using a array of drilling augers. Even soiled rock can be drilled trough using our core barrels. When cave-in conditions stop most, we can install steel casing to continue our drilling operations. In sites where ground water, sand, mud and other specialized drilling conditions exist, drilling can be done using different drilling tools and additives to allow us to get the job done.

Whether it is in an open field, of the side of a road, on a hillside or in the basement of a building, we have the equipment and knowledge to get the shaft drilled. From back yard retaining walls to major foundation reto fits, no job is too small or to challenging.

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