Resistance Piers

Resistance piers are a deep foundation system that uses end bearing steel piers to effectively stabilize and raise existing foundations and structures. Brackets are fitted to the existing foundation or structure and the steel piers are hydraulically driven to a level of bedrock that will safely support the structure with a minimum safety factor of 1.6 to 1. The foundation or structured is the leveled using the brackets and steel piers and they permanently locked off once the desired level is obtained. The equipment used is all hand carried making even the most confining spaces accessible. The excavation areas are small in size and require only minimal disturbance of the surrounding areas. Inhalation in most circumstances in done around the perimeter of the structure requiring no disturbance of the occupants. Since the piers are driven with hydraulic equipment the actual force required to drive the piles can be monitored. This means there is no guess work in the amount of load that the pile will carry. Pier depths vary with soil conditions with pier over 50’ in depth having been successfully installed. Resistance piers are suitable for most site conditions and are a low impact solution to foundation and structure stabilization and leveling.

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