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Point Pacific Drilling specializes in tight access drilling and drilling in areas that are inaccessible or not cost effective to use larger, more conventional drill rigs. We specialize in both large and small jobs involving retrofits and new construction. Our 25+ years of experience includes horizontal drilling for utilities and drains, tiebacks and pull testing, hillside stabilization, under houses drilling, soil test boring, piers, foundation repairs, elevators, rock drilling and retaining walls. We have the ability to drill inside buildings with only eight feet of clearance. We can drill holes from 6 inches to 30 inches in diameter in excess of 70 feet deep and 6 inch diameter horizontal drilling in excess of 100 feet. In addition we are experienced in handling caving situations with the use of polymer slurry, steel casing and other methods as needed.


Point Pacific Drilling is dedicated to providing you with quality service. We work with property owners, contractors and engineers to meet your needs.
You can be assured that our crews come prepared with well-maintained equipment, as well as a substantial inventory of back up parts for our drill rigs. We take a proactive roll in creating ease for our clients.


We cleanup our job sites and leave the area looking as undisturbed as possible. We are knowledgeable and sensitive to regulations and restrictions of government agencies. We track our daily progress accurately by written report, and our safety checklist is designed to alert our crews of potential hazards, including underground utilities, overhead obstruction, etc. We have a fully staffed office providing administrative support and assistance when needed. Although we do the majority of our work in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, we will travel anywhere within California and parts of Nevada.

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